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Vasu Medical Group is here for primary care physicians, family doctors and Internal Medicine Doctors. Our physicians in vasu medical group are highly qualified to provide medical care and various ancillary testing services.

dialysis treatment in hyderabad

dialysis treatment in hyderabad


Dialysis Treatment replaces the perform of your kidneys by removing waste and excess fluid from your blood. dialysis makes a patient additional at risk of blood infection, whereas serous membrane dialysis heightens a patient’s risk for peritoneal inflammation, associate infection of the liner of the cavity. Your doctor can produce a tube-shaped structure access website within the arm before dialysis. serous membrane dialysis, on the opposite hand, needs a tubing, or piece of conduit, placed in your belly. If your kidneys are unable to perform on their own, you may would like dialysis to assist flush toxins from your blood to stay your body healthy.

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